By Lenmaster88:

Breaking News. I and all the people on this wiki are gonna make a fangame using the Hello SMB1 engine. It will be called Project Hello and will be made in Game Maker 8.1 Pro. (Some members don't have Game Maker. If under 18, get a parent or some other guy to register it for you.) This fangame has no plot and will be more likely to Super Mario Bros. X. I snatched all the music from it to make this game alot likely. If you find any OGG files, convert them with this converter, and select from OGG to MP3. We will take Teamwork. 

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Yep, this has something to do with PH. Well, i swapped the broken MP3s to SPCs (SNES music) because it would be a long way to work on with them. And, i'm going to release the source after i chain Hello's broken code. So, Keep workin' on it. :)