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Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door is a rpg where Mario has to collect the Crystal Stars to open The Thousand Year Door where some say a treasure sleeps.   



Peach gets kidnaps when she sends Mario the map and what happened.  Mario then arrives in Rogueport where thiefs and thugs live.  Mario meets a young Goomba named Goombella.  He finds a professor named Professor Frankly. Mario gives him the map. They go to The Thousand Year Door, and hold up the map, and then they find out they need to go to Petalburg. When they go there they have to defeat Hooktail and get a Chrystal Star. Along the way he meets a koopa named Koops. Then he goes to Boggly Woods and Mario finds out the location of peach during there adventure, she is in The X-naut Fortress. Mario Defeats Lord Crump. Lord Crump then runs away. Mario then gets the next Chrystal Star. Next, he goes to Glitzville. Mario becomes a fighter there and must get the belt, which has the Chrystal Star. He finds out that it was a fake, then he finds the real one. Next, he goes to Twilight town where he meets Doopliss. He defeats him and gets the next Chrystal Star. He finds out that the treasure behind The thousand year door is guarded by a demon.Then, he goes to Keelhaul Key and he defeats The pirate king, Cortez. After he defeats him, Mario teams up with Cortez. He then for once and for all defeats Lord Crump. Next he goes on a train to go to Poshley heights and he gets the next Chrystal Star. Finally, Mario goes to the moon. He defeats Grodus. Or so he thinks. Finnaly he goes to the thousand year door and he defeats the demon--The Shadow Queen-- and he wins and all the treasure is is a Mushroom, but it has DNA that Proffeser Frankly can use to find out more about the past. Soon peace is reunited in the world and Mario and Princess Peach live happily ever after.


Super Paper Mario

Paper Mario Sticker Star


  • This is the best sold and loved Paper mario game. 

    A screenshot from the game.